I played two duo -pianist-concerts with my colleague Egbert Derix in Cambrinus. It was so nice, we're going to do it again!
See and hear us at: 3 March 2017, Piano Technica, Beegden. 20:00

New album out!


Ins Blaue Hinein is a studio project together with singer and songwriter BJ Baartmans, who is a dear friend.
Ever since the first recording session we had together (over ten years ago) we’ve been talking about recording some instrumental music just the both of us. I’m happy to say that this long planned collaboration resulted in a very authentic album with blues, jazz, film and scapy influences.
Since BJ plays all the string instruments you can imagine, he plays the guitars and bass on it. I took care of the keys and the drums.
The record just came out. We’re playing this music live too.
21 mei 2017, Cambrinus, Horst. 16:00.

Een zinnenprikkelende luistertrip.
**** Jazzism, juli 2016

Voortreffelijk album.
8,5 Heaven, juni 2016

Mannen met een ambacht die lekker onbekommerd hebben zitten pielen en elkaar hoorbaar horizonverruimend omarmen.
Kinda Muzik website

I’m not looking for Mike Roelofs the musician but for Mike Roelofs the photographer.