One on One

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Down South

‘Jazz, funk en loungejazz, waarbij ze een goed evenwicht vinden tussen loops en bespeelde instrumenten.’ (Ruud Heijjer)

Sold out but still available as download on iTunes.

1 Fruitloop
2 Rearviewmirrorman
3 Somethings Wrong
4 One on One
5 The Hidden District
6 Inflections
7 Diggin' Mother Nature
8 Interlude I
9 Mikey's Traum
10 Open Up My Mind
11 Interlude II
12 Jay's Place

Mike Roelofs: keys, vocals, percussion etc
Bart Oostindie: guitar, vocals etc
Philips Kerhofs: drums
Wladimir Geels: bass
Peter Hermesdorf: sax
Boris: vocals
Tenshun: vocals
Tim Hoeymakers: bass
Mo'Jones: vocals
Ron van Stratum: percussion
Iris Romen: vocals

MCP Records 2004
Produced and mixed by Mike Roelofs, Bart Oostindie and Leon Bartels
Executive producer: HP Nieskens
Mastered by Alan Ward, Electric City, Brussels

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