Light in the Darkness

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12 inch vinyl € 25,-
CD € 15,-

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side a:
1 Compassion
2 One With Infinite Space
3 Grace Of The Master
4 Mystic Mediator
5 Light In The Darkness
6 Panentheism

side b:
1 Chorale
2 God Is In Control
3 Reverence
4 Spring Of Living Water
5 Spiritual Being, Having A Human Experience
6 Psalm

2023 Ra Kalam Records

Ra Kalam: drums, upright bass, talking drum, congas, pans, ocean drum, hand perscussion, djembé
Mike Roelofs: piano, Hammond organ, balafon, whistling, melodion, accordion, vocals, whalophone, percussion

Listening Samples:
Mystic Mediator

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