Ins Blaue Hinein

Cd in sleeve

Blues, jazz, film and scapy influences.

'Een zinnenprikkelende luistertrip.' 4/5 sterren, Jazzism, juli 2016

'Voortreffelijk album.' 8,5 Heaven, juni 2016


1. Nr. 1
2. Balou
3. Resonator Locator Blues
4. Carnaval
5. Cordoba Suite
6. Goodnight Lester
7. Before Too Long
8. Gentle Storm
9. Nr. 2
10. Done
11. Sunday Morning After

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Mike Roelofs: piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3, drums, percussion
Bart Jan Baartmans: electric and acoustic (slide-) guitar, resonator guitar, electric sitar, bass

Continental Europe 2016
Produced by Baartmans and Roelofs
Artwork Marcel van Ewijk and Baartmans

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Nr. 1

  • Ins Blaue Hinein
  • Ins Blaue Hinein
  • Ins Blaue Hinein

Ins Blaue Hinein